Progress & Events

9th of September 2016 - Stakeholder Workshop

Our first stakeholder workshop took place at Bangor University. Professor Chris Burton utilised a novel method within a research context of constructing conceptual models using techniques from LEGO Serious Play. We asked participants to design LEGO models to convey their ideas of what makes a good nurse manager. Stakeholders were also asked to construct individual models of the system of workforce planning and deployment of nursing staff. Important aspects from each individual model were then combinued to create one overall collaborative nursing workforce planning and deployment model. This information will contribute to the development of initial programme theories for our realist evidence synthesis.

16th of September 2016 - Patient and Public Workshop

Patients and members of the public had their turn with LEGO Serious Play, this time building on their initial individual models of good nurse managers to create a collaborative model conveying the group's ideas.

27th of September 2016 - Programme Development Workshop

The team met at Tŷ Menai to discuss initial programme theories based on the information and input gathered during our first two workshops.

13th of October 2016 - Stakeholder Workshop

Our second stakeholder workshop was held at the Radisson Blu in Birmingham, and again involved LEGO Serious Play. The team received very useful input from participants' models of good nurse managers and nurse workforce planning and deployment models.

8th of November 2016, May 17th and October 6th2017- Advisory Group Meetings

Our Advisory Group brings together key strategic leaders in the field of nursing workforce management to help guide the direction of the study.  In our initial meeting we reviewed the 'system' of nursing workforce deployment to inform our programme theory. In May the group helped to inform and guide our developing Context-Mechanism-Outcome (CMO) configurations to contribute to the evidence review, in light of findings from stakeholder work and interviews. In October we presented our findings and reviewed the final CMOs to formulate the programme theory.