Study Aims

The study protocol can be found here:

Our study will address the following review question and aims:

NHS Managers' use of workforce planning and deployment technologies and their impacts on nurse staffing and patient care: what works, for whom, how, and in what circumstances?

The main aims are:

  1. To identify the different workforce planning technologies that could be used to deploy the nursing workforce resource in the NHS, paying attention to the ways in which they are assumed and are observed to work.
  2. To explore the range of observed impacts of these technologies in different healthcare settings, as well as for other public services such as social work and policing, paying attention to contextual influences.
  3. To investigate ways which can help NHS managers identify, deploy, and evaluate nursing workforce planning resources to have the greatest impact on direct patient care.
  4. To generate actionable recommendations for management practice and organisational strategy.
  5. To contribute to the wider public debate about, and understanding of, the nature of the nursing workforce, nursing work, and the quality of patient care.